Interview of Reijo Kekkonen

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Reijo Kekkonen is the finnish volontary watcher for the festival Polyfollia. He is director of the music association SULASOL and he nicely answered those few questions !

Reijo Kekkonen


>- Hello ! How are you ?
I am fine! I am really happy to be again at the great Polyfollia festival in the beautiful Normandy!


>- Nice to see you once more in the Polyfollia watchers’ team. What do you expect from the 2014 edition ?
Well, it is exciting to see how the audiences will greet our selection of choirs and ensembles. I think they are an interesting and excellent choice of international vocal music.


>- What assessment do you make on the past festivals ?
I think each of the past festivals have been excellent in their own way. We have been able to present a wide and variable selection of different ensembles and different genres of music. I am also happy to see that many of the ensembles we have presented at Polyfollia have created an international career.


>- There are a lot of festivals, contests and various events in the world about choral singing. Do you think Polyfollia is special ?
Yes, I think Polyfollia is very special! Compared to festivals: the ensembles at Polyfollia are invited and selected by an international team. Compared to competitions: Polyfollia is not a competition, but a market place and and an enjoyable series of concerts. Also the special structure of performances of the selected ensembles gives variable possibilities also for the audiences.


>- At economically and politically times, do you think singing together is important ?
Singing together gives people a strong feeling of belonging together, being one and working for a common goal. Music and making music together also gives a break for your thoughts of the everyday worries. Singing makes you feel fine and happy. Singing together is important!


>- A last word ?
Please come to the concerts of Polyfollia to enjoy of the really high class performances! It might be your last chance in St.Lô… ;-).



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